Site Facelift + Patreon

April 21, 2017

I've finally managed to clean up the site. There's still a bunch more to do; my apologies for any broken links, funky text, or bland headers. The site may be plain, but it's beautiful on the inside.

...That's to say, it has a lot to offer.

It... has... an interesting personality?

I've been posting Bite-Size on Webtoon these past few months, with solid results. Giving readers the ability to Like, Comment, Share, etc. has helped the strip grow a lot better than it ever did here, so I'm grateful to see it finally gaining a healthy audience. (Plus, you can download the Webtoon app and read strips in the bathroom, as nature intended.) If you feel inspired to support the comic:

  • Share your favorite strips with everyone,

  • Buy a book or twelve from the store,

  • Donate as little as $1 per month to my Patreon (If everyone did this, I could easily draw Bite-Size full time!)