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November 20, 2014
#371: "Who's That Guy"

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November 22, 2014 - Japan Trip (part blah!)

The saga continues! I can't say I'm keeping track of whether anyone's reading these, but I can say that I'm having a great time putting them together, slow as it may be. Tonight's episode covers the first half of the day of the awards ceremony. It's action-packed, suspenseful, and perhaps even enriching. Perfect for a lazy weekend, I say.


November 13, 2014 - Even Moar Games

Please enjoy another screenshot of our upcoming dancing game/romance simulator. =3


November 6, 2014 - More Games

The team decided to share another screen(ish)shot from the game we're working on. Bearing in mind some of the assets below are more temporary than others, I can't exactly say this would perfectly represent the finished product. Anyhow, we've been making progress. I'm satisfied with the way things are turning out visually, despite my predisposition toward being overly strict with myself. To budget time, I can only bring most artwork to 80% quality and it's a constant challenge to balance time and quality - not dissimilar from drawing comics, in fact. (You can't spend days working on a single panel that people are only going to look at for ten seconds.) The harsh mountain sensei living on my shoulder is constantly reminding me how displeased he is.

Hopefully we'll have more to show in the next couple of months while we turn up the heat. Stay tuned and all that - here's a link to the team's Facebook page if you'd like to keep track of things that way. In the meantime, naturally, I'm still doing comics-related stuff when I need a break - so do keep checking back. =P Maybe I ought to upload more "five-minute comics". Those are kind of fun and stress-free to draw. Hmm.


October 31, 2014 - Five Minute Comics

I never have to worry about my costume for Halloween, because I'm always a crab. XD


October 21, 2014 - Japan Diary, day three (part 3)

Here's more of that gift nobody asked for. =P In today's entry we visit Shueisha, publisher of many of the most popular manga in the world.


October 17, 2014 - Dragonslayer Society

As per the monthly-ish tradition, here's a new gaming-related comic for anyone who, like me, feels the call. I've slain many dragons in my time, but one of the most intense battles in my "career" so far was in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. There have been lots of reviews back in the day talking about cool set pieces in games like Uncharted where you're getting shot at and "okay yeah shoot back at the red barrels and jump while the building falls around me". Please. Excuse me while I do my taxes. This is how it's done!


September 29, 2014 - Japan Trip, Day Three (part 2) 

My schedule this month has been totally clown shoes! I hope it'll ease up in October. Meanwhile, though it looks like it'll take me another half a year to finish (I wish I were joking) I've managed to polish up the next entry in the Japan Diary, in case anyone is bored and/or maybe even enjoys these. In this episode I explore fascinating cultural contrasts, try in vain not to embarrass myself, and get a taste of the old country. Things will be heating up soon!