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May 28, 2015
#400: The Taste of Victory

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 Updates and Such

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January 31, 2016  - Reservations

Small modification to the post below: There hasn't been enough interest in pre-orders to help fund the print run. That's okay! What would still be immensely helpful is being able to estimate how many copies to print. If you'd like a copy, I'd be super grateful if you let me know via e-mail, Twitter or Facebook.

Most assuredly, I want to release the book, and soon. (I mean, it's done. The PDF's are sitting right there. And it's a darn good book, if I may say so!) One caveat: It's possible that I might have to push back the release date a month or two if there aren't enough "reservations".

Come to think of it, an alternative to funding the print run is by selling the original pages of Bite-Size. Anyone down? o_o

January 26, 2016  - Bite-Size, Volume Two!

At last! It's taken a super long time, but the book is finally ready to hit the printers this week. =) Here are some details, as well as info in case you'd like to place a Pre-Order. (Doing this will help me estimate how many copies to print, and will also be a huge help in funding the actual print run. Making books is expensive! Also: While all copies will be signed, anyone who Pre-Orders will get a sketch of their favorite character on the inside cover.)

Page Count: 176 pages
Target Release: March
Price: $12 + $3 for shipping domestically or $5 International (non-rush).

Whatís in the book?

  • Bite-Size strips #200-400 (of course)

  • The Livingwater Crisis: An illustrated short story (20 pages) featuring Greg, Xavier, and a handful of mystery characters we havenít met yet!

  • A small selection of loose/old strips.

  • A preview of Partial Quest, my upcoming art & story book for an RPG which I'm not certain will ever see the light of day as a game. =\

How to Pre-Order:

  • Send the payment to my e-mail address (on the right) via PayPal. Please make sure your contact info and shipping information is up to date, and let me know which character you'd like me to sketch!

  • Iíll send you an e-mail confirmation when your order is received.