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Sherlock Holmes: Spontaneous Human Deduction                                                  Completed: April 12, 2011
Pages: 11
A young man has disappeared from a dressing room, leaving only a crater behind. Is this a misunderstanding, or something more sinister?
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Paris                                                                                                                    Completed: January 30, 2011

Pages: 116
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From the back of the book:
"Katerina finds herself feeling aimless. After graduating from college with a useless degree, working at the same ol' job since forever, having no goals or romantic life to speak of, she decides to take a vacation to the Greek islands to rest and maybe discover what to do with herself. While there, she keeps bumping into a man named Nikos who seems to be interested in asking her out for a cup of coffee - problem is, Katerina barely speaks a word of Greek! Could the pair somehow find a way to communicate through gestures and broken language? And even if they can, how would Katerina handle their new friendship, knowing it's doomed to be over when she leaves for home?"
     - Silver Prize Winner, 7th International Manga Award
     - "Best New International Manga (2011)" - Deb Aoki at


Prom Night                                                                             Published in Yen Plus magazine, November 2009
Pages: 31
A short story about Eddie's uphill battle as he tries to gather the funds to take Molly to the prom--assuming he can even gather the courage to ask her there.
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Whipped                                                                                                                  Completed: May 02, 2007

Pages: 51 (Contains language inappropriate for younger readers.)
On one of the crappiest days of his life, Jack gets a phone call from his best friend's girlfriend and finds himself having to spend hours in a car with her.
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Love Thy Neighbor                                                                                           Completed: November 26, 2006
Pages: 24
To enjoy this story, imagine you've sat down with some friends at the movies, or that date you've been hoping to go to out with. The trailers are going, you're bored, and then this comes up. (Sorta like Pixar's short films.)
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Pages: 9
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Go With Grace                                                                                 Published by TOKYOPOP, August 8, 2006
Pages: 192
Original title was "Grace" - it was renamed by the publisher against my wishes. >:(
Description modified from the publisher's website (now offline):
Grace Miller is a bedridden girl with no reason to live until one night, when she's visited by a shy ghost named Andy who invites her to leave the walls of her bedroom. Grace reluctantly accepts the offer and feels alive for the first time in years... but the world outside her bedroom is stranger than she thought, and the price of her visits may cost more than she realizes.
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(P.S., I would absolutely love to post this online for free but I have no idea if Tokyopop still owns the rights to it. If anyone hears any news on this issue, I'd love to know about it.)

Can I Sit Here?                                                                                                 Published on October 11, 2005
20 pages
A young man tries to gather the courage to ask that pretty girl he sees every day if he can sit next to her on the bus. My submission to Tokyopop's fifth volume of "Rising Stars of Manga".

Artist's Block                                                                                                       Completed: October 11, 2005

Pages: 199   (c) George Alexopoulos and Mike Harvey
Web designer and artist Adam Hall is determined to become a professional... but he just can't seem to get it together today. Joined by his friend Erin, the two venture forth to try and overcome the fearsome obstacle known as artist's block.
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