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  BITE-SIZE, Volume 2
176 pages. Collects strips #201-400.
Price: $12 (Taking pre-orders. Release in late September.)

Features a short story, "The Livingwater Crisis", in which Greg almost has a fatal encounter in the terrifying city, and where ancient secrets about Xavier's family are revealed.

  BITE-SIZE, Volume 1
140 pages. Collects strips #1-200.
Price: $10

Goodie section includes "The Legend of Xavier", a 15-page short comic, plus concept art and author's notes.

Paris   PARIS
148 pages.
Price: $12

Extras section Includes a gag strips, character designs, storyboards and scans of the full written script marked with handwritten notes.

52 pages.
Price: $5

A fine distraction when enduring long car rides with people whom you may or may not like.



When commissioning work from me, please be as detailed as possible! For frequently asked questions and helpful tips, refer to this Commission Form. Note that price estimates are calculated by time, and may vary quite a lot depending on complexity of each individual commission. (Discounts are available for students.) If you have a strict budget but would still like to commission work, I'll be happy to work with you!

FIGURINES: $45-100 per character. Drawn with Ink and colored with Copic Markers. Price includes a glass frame. (If you have a specific needs to make the figurines stand, for instance on a wedding cake, be sure to let me know!)

ILLUSTRATIONS: Price ranges here can be a lot wider, depending on the contents of the image and media used. (Paint on canvas, for instance, may cost quite a lot more.)

4" x 6" 6" x 9" 9" x 12" 11" x 14" 14" x 17" 18" x 24"+
$50-100 $100-250 $150-250 $250-350 $350+ $450+

GAME DEVELOPMENT: Hourly rate depends on whether project are for personal or commercial use. I'm always willing to negotiate rates in exchange for things like creative control and profit sharing, so shoot me an e-mail and let me know what you have in mind.


While I don't have a "shopping cart" system in place, feel free send me an e-mail and let me know what you're interested in! I'll respond with any questions, answers, and will be sure to confirm pricing. (Shipping usually costs about $3-5 for addresses within the United States.) For books, that's it! Just send the payment through PayPal, using this link:

Commissions: If my schedule is open, most basic pieces take 2-3 weeks to complete. (If there are any delays, I'll be sure to let you know ahead of time.) For most pieces, I ask for half of the payment upfront, and half upon completion. Once the first payment clears, the art is created in two steps: Pencils and Final Art.

  • Pencils: I'll send you photos of the penciled artwork, which you can look over and let me know if you'd like any adjustments. If you're satisfied, I'll move on to Final art. Revisions during the "pencil" phase are okay, but heavy revisions may cost extra.
  • Final Art: I'll send photos of these for your approval. If all is well, I'll ask for the remainder of the payment and ship your art as soon as the money clears!

Reminder: You can refer to this Commission Form for details and tips, or contact me with any questions.