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Commonly Asked Questions:
Below is a list of questions I usually ask when people contact me for a commission. You may simply want use these as a template for your own requests, or copy/paste them directly into the body of an e-mail with your answers. Don't feel obligated to answer each one - but where applicable, please be as detailed as possible! The more information I have, the smoother things will go and the more unique your piece will be. (Chances are I will also be able to offer a more accurate price estimate!)

1. Would you like to order a figurine (stand-up characters) or an illustration (image with background)?

2. Would you like the piece to be in color or black & white?

3. What size do you have in mind?

4. What art style would you prefer? (Cartoonish, realistic, etc.)

5. Please describe any clothing/outfits you'd like the characters to wear - including hairstyles, accessories, shoes, and so on.

6. Body language can communicate a lot about a person. How would you like the characters posed? Are there any specific facial expressions that would reflect their personalities?

7. Are the characters holding or interacting with anything? For example a pet, or your lucky tennis racket. Are they ice skating, fighting monsters, rock climbing? Maybe doing all those things at the same time?

8. What would you like the "tone" of this piece to be? (Funny, serious, cute, silly, sweet, romantic, action-packed, awesome, etc.)

9. If it's a figurine, how would you like the piece to stand? Most people prefer flat stands for desktops, while some enjoy metal stands or might even find it fun to have hanging characters for shelves or attached to their monitors.

10. Are there any background objects you would like included? (Perhaps a favorite chair, or some grass and flowers, that sort of thing.) If this is an illustration, please describe the environment.

11. If you find yourself at a loss for detail, no worries. Would you like for me to use my own artistic license and improvise?

12. Is there a due date involved? (An upcoming anniversary for example, or a birthday.) If the date is close, a surcharge may apply. See the price chart for more info.

13. Are these characters based on yourself and/or someone you know? If so, please include a few recent photographs. At least one close-up, along with a zoomed out shot of each person would be helpful. Multiple angles are even better. (Note: Please make sure you would have permission before sending photos of other people!)

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