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The charts below describe my approximate pricing for commissions. Each piece is different, of course, so prices may vary depending on complexity and due date. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Most pieces take around 3 weeks to complete. For info regarding what details I need to begin on a commission, I've put together a list of questions I commonly ask.

Note on larger commissions: I often request payment for a piece after the pencils for a piece are completed and approved. (As opposed to when it's finished.)








 Small (~ 6 square inches) $15 - $25   4"x3"

$20 - $30

Standard (1 week*)


 Regular* (~12 square inches)

$25 - $45   6"x9"

$50 - $100

  Priority Mail (2-5 days*)


 Large (~18 square inches) $45 - $70   9"x12"

$100 - $200

  Express Mail (1-2 days*)


 Super (24+ square inches) $70+   11"x14" $200 - $300   * Domestic estimates  
 *Most common size     14"x17"+ $300+      

Additional Charges


Metal Stands (for figurines) $5 (Figurines usually come with paper stands at no additional cost.)
Rush Orders Orders needed before 20 days of the order date may cost an additional 25%.
Super Rush Orders Orders needed before 10 days of the order date may cost an additional 50%.
Special Media Commissions for special media like paintings may cost more for both materials and shipping. (Determined on a case by case basis.)
Revisions No charge for minor revisions. Major changes, though rare, may cost extra or even require a redo. (Each is handled on a case-by-case basis.)




Price: $12
Size: 7"x10"
Pages: 148
Includes a substantial "goodies" section in the back of the book as well as gag strips, character   designs, storyboards and scans of the full written script marked with my handwritten notes.

Note: Now available as a PDF!
Price: $5 (Honor System!)
Size: 90 MB


Price: $5
A fine companion for long car rides with people whom you may or may not like.




Price: $10
Size: 6"x9"
Pages: 140
Collects Bite-Size strips 1-200
in a single volume, including a 15-page short story "The Legend of Xavier" and plenty of extras including concept art, author's notes and more.


Bite-Size, volume 2
(In progress, 2014)

I might be taking pre-orders to help support a print run, so please stay tuned!


How to use the store

I donít (can't) use all that fancy-pants technology like shopping carts and signing in 'round these parts. (It's more like a lemonade stand on the front lawn.) Don't worry, though! Ordering is simple:

Contact me with your order or commission, either through e-mail or regular mail. (Be sure to include your contact info in the latter case!) I'll reply with a confirmation to let you know whether the totals and prices are correct, and if everything you've ordered is in stock. (If anything is temporarily unavailable, I'll notify you when it will be.)
Note: In the case of a commission, I most likely will have a few additional questions.

Once the prices are confirmed, you can send payment through PayPal (via my e-mail address listed to the above-left or the button right above it).

When the payment goes through and the order is processed/completed, I'll send a confirmation e-mail to let you know when the package has been sent.