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February 15-A: Isn't This A Lovely Day?
We make our way to Tohoku via the Shinkansen (bullet train) in what may have been the biggest snowstorm in Japan for many years.

February 14-B: Second Wind
One of the most significant evenings of my life, transcribed in positively agonizing detail!

February 14-A: Clutch
The day of the Award Ceremony! Watching the morning snow, I reminisce about the good ol' days from my hotel room window. In the afternoon, we arrive at the venue where all the action will take place. I face the fearsome challenge of drawing in front of other people (with sub-optimal results), wander the building, and face a horrific silent internal crisis during the rehearsal.

February 13-C: In the Shadow of Bird Mountain

February 13-B: In Over My Head

February 13-A: Gaijin Rising

February 12: Welcome to the Disorient

February 11: It Beginsu




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