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"Newport" was being prepared as my follow-up to "Go With Grace" back in 2007 but, because of publishing problems, never got past the "Pilot" phase. I had already completed a full script and drawn the first chapter (give or take a few extra pages) before the project was cancelled for various reasons (see below). Since I'm not sure when (or whether) I'll be able to draw it, I decided it would be a waste to just leave this fun story sitting on my computer, untouched. I've decided to post all the materials I've prepared for Newport, including an updated version of the script which I hope to polish and post incrementally. I hope readers will be able to enjoy this story and imagine what it would have been like to read it as a comic.

Chapter List
Chapters will be posted as I review and polish each one individually.

  • Chapter 0: "Hardcop" (Updated September 20, 2012)
    The torch is passed from the old generation of skaters to the new, until the party is broken up by a fearsome enemy.

Cast of Characters (coming soon)
Character descriptions and portraits will go here to help visualize what this story might look like if it were illustrated now.

Concept Art (coming soon)

The Original Comic (coming soon)
Chapter 1 (and some of chapter 2) as it was drawn back in 2007 as a "pilot".


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