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Japan Trip
(Last Update: June 7, 2015)
In February of 2014, I had the great pleasure and honor of visiting Japan for the first time to receive an award for my short story "Paris" in the 7th Annual International Manga Competition. Having taken extensive notes during my trip, I determined to share as much of it as possible when I got home. The following is an ongoing (and longsuffering) attempt at transcribing my many experiences. It contains anecdotes, fun drawings, photos, and walls of exposition. Perfect reading with a big mug of tea. =)

Newport (Temp)
A group of young but talented skaters stand by helplessly as their city is restructuring beautiful old historic buildings into skyscrapers and modern shopping plazas. Unfortunately their Sanctuary, a massive secret skater park built by hand, is located in one of these old buildings - an abandoned warehouse on the pier. All hope to preserve it seems lost until a proposition is given to them - a dare, really. They are challenged to film an internet video of their best tricks from the rooftop of Newport's biggest skyscraper with the promise that, if they succeed, their warehouse will not be touched. They have no choice but to take the challenge, but at what risk? It's at best crazy, at worst deadly. Newport has been cracking down on skaters lately, and if any alarms are sounded, it's a long way back down...

Articles and Whatnot

Mini-Review: "When Marnie Was There"
If I had been home alone at the end of When Marnie Was There, I would have wept loudly and openly, without restraint.

Cartooning Overview
A syllabus of sorts for a cartooning course I taught over a few weeks. Not complete or exhaustive by any means! Super imperfect, but might have some value for up and comers.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13
"Despite being a huge fan of the series since FF4, it's been a while since I truly devoured a Final Fantasy game. I believe the last one was FF12, released a whopping 8-9 years ago..."

A list of articles at UGDB
A full list of the articles I've written for Ultimate Game Database.

How Mass Effect 3 Should Have Ended
"The ending sequence of a story really is the most important part. These are the moments we've been working for! Satisfy us! Exhaust us! Make the ending too long. How can we complain from having too much ending? In fact, make it so long we would even have to save our game in the middle of it."


Note: There have been (and will be) more articles posted here. I'm kinda (super) self-conscious about my writing, so I may be making a fool of myself as I refine this list, hopefully making more additions than subtractions. =\